A metered world

A series of paintings on linen and paper

A hot house  2021   Acrylic on linen    1520x1120

The prickle   2021    Acrylic on prepared paper

The Bee keeper   2021   Acrylic on linen   1220x1520

The yeas and the nahs   2021     Acrylic on linen 

The catipillars  2021   Acrylic on prepared paper 

The long stretch  2021   Acrylic on linen  1520x1220

The moth  2021   Acrylic on prepared paper

The feed  2021   Acrylic on linen   1520x1220

The cherry blossoms  2020    Acrylic on paper  1000x1400


The soothsayer  2020   Acrylic on paper  1000x1400

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