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From A to B and all the places in between

"Art does not depict what is visible, it makes things visible."
(Paul Klee)

"Ostensibly seductive, the work of Berezovsky can be understood as still life, architectural landscape, but above all as portrait, and as an exterior view of man.
However, the pictorial objects soon prove to be arranged not by virtue of their concrete basis. They operate with the sensuous presence of their painterly composition on the level of symbolic significance. The outcome of their pictorial metaphors, full of surreal appeal, uses the simplest, archaic, and demotic elements together with a complex metalanguage in a virtuoso combination of ingenious constructions and laboratory processes.
The selective dislocations of color and format serve as augurs of meaning in the narrative of interior visualisation.

The surreal, psychologising pictures of the real self in the works of Berezovsky draw the observer closer to their specificity. These painterly appraisals of existence carried out here are in truth images of thinking about thinking, images of the conditions and limits of thinking about thinking processes, and their resulting (fatal) real effects.
These works are narratives and reports at the same time, not of the reality or irreality of things, but, in fact, of the (self-)generation of realities.

Berezovsky’s work is a brilliant, voluptuously inviting, congenial artistic contribution to the current philosophical discussion on the tensions in observations of the second and third orders."


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