Victor Berezovsky (NZ)

Conical Inc.




‘Grotto’, a gathering of recent forms by New Zealand artist Victor Berezovsky treats the Conical enclosure space as a sanctuary of binary formalism. We enter a space that figuratively echoes and encompasses. Morphic shadows seem to have fossilized and carbonised on the walls, but despite their solidity these forms seem to pool and leak, expand and contract with palpable physics both recognisable and alien. They appear as an enormous sign language standing in for landforms, bodies of water, crevices, organisms, some kind of geological archive. Edges wobble and straighten, tense between uncertainty and sureness like tide lines or acretions of process.


Born in 1974, Victor completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ilam, Canterbury University, majoring in painting in 1995. Currently he lives, shows and works in Wellington as a full time artist. For the last few years he has dealt predominantly with biomorphic forms and aspects of primitivism which he refers to as doodles.




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