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Waiting at the curb an exhibition at Aratoi Museum of Art and History   

20th February-5th April 2021

The Bouquet 2020       1520x1120      Acrylic on linen

The Rehersal 2020     1020x1370      Acrylic on linen

The Radio show    2020      1220x1520    Acrylic on linen

The Workshop  2020     1520x1120       Acrylic on linen

Waiting at the curb  2020      1220x1520    Acrylic on linen

On the trail  2020       Acrylic on linen      1520x1220

The Family Lounge  2020       Acrylic on linen  450x550

The Peninsula   2020      450x550     Acrylic on linen

The Soothsayer  2020      1000x1400

The Diorama   2020     1000x1400    Acrylic on prepared paper

The blue man 2020  1000x1400

Exit  2019  1400x1000

Nest building  2019  1400x1000

Seahorses  2019  1400x1900mm

Faithful companions 2019 series

Small cadcade        

Worry Sketch




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